Recent Publications From Our Department

Anczurowski M, Yamashita Y, et al. 2018. Mechanisms underlying the lack of endogenous processing and CLIP-mediated binding of the invariant chain by HLA-DP84Gly. Scientific Reports8

Ling AK, So CC, et al. 2018. Double-stranded DNA break polarity skews repair pathway choice during intrachromosomal and interchromosomal recombination. Proceedings Of The National Academy Of Sciences Of The United States Of America115:2800-2805

Li CL, Irrazabal T, et al. 2018. The H2B deubiquitinase Usp22 promotes antibody class switch recombination by facilitating non-homologous end joining. Nature Communications9

Lopes F, Keita AV, et al. 2018. ER-stress mobilization of death-associated protein kinase-1-dependent xenophagy counteracts mitochondria stress-induced epithelial barrier dysfunction. Journal Of Biological Chemistry293:3073-3087

Kagoya Y, Tanaka S, et al. 2018. A novel chimeric antigen receptor containing a JAK-STAT signaling domain mediates superior antitumor effects. Nature Medicine24:352-+

Zhu F, McCaw L, et al. 2018. Targeting the IL-17/IL-6 axis can alter growth of Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia &ITin vivo&IT/&ITin vitro&IT. Leukemia Research66:28-38

Last Updated April 16, 2018


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