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Recent Publications From Our Department

Paun A, Yau C, et al. 2017. The Influence of the Microbiome on Type 1 Diabetes. Journal Of Immunology198:590-595

Hao ZY, Sheng Y, et al. 2017. K48-linked KLF4 ubiquitination by E3 ligase Mule controls T-cell proliferation and cell cycle progression. Nature Communications8

Winer DA, Winer S, et al. 2017. Immunologic impact of the intestine in metabolic disease. Journal Of Clinical Investigation127:33-42

Zhen A, Rezek V, et al. 2017. Targeting type I interferon-mediated activation restores immune function in chronic HIV infection. Journal Of Clinical Investigation127:260-268

Shih JG, Shahrokhi S, et al. 2017. Review of Adult Electrical Burn Injury Outcomes Worldwide: An Analysis of Low-Voltage vs High-Voltage Electrical Injury. Journal Of Burn Care & Research38:E293-E298

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