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Recent Publications From Our Department

Li Rui, Rezk Ayman, et al. 2016. Cytokine-Defined B Cell Responses as Therapeutic Targets in Multiple Sclerosis. Frontiers In Immunology6

Dionne Nancy, Dib Samar, et al. 2016. Functional Organization of an Mbp Enhancer Exposes Striking Transcriptional Regulatory Diversity Within Myelinating Glia. Glia64:175-194

Joag V. R., McKinnon L. R., et al. 2016. Identification of preferential CD4(+) T-cell targets for HIV infection in the cervix. Mucosal Immunology9:1-12

McGaha Tracy L., Karlsson Mikael C. I.. 2016. Apoptotic cell responses in the splenic marginal zone: a paradigm for immunologic reactions to apoptotic antigens with implications for autoimmunity. Immunological Reviews269:26-43

Wang Huaqing, Kim Janice J., et al. 2016. New Role of Nod Proteins in Regulation of Intestinal Goblet Cell Response in the Context of Innate Host Defense in an Enteric Parasite Infection. Infection And Immunity84:275-285

Mohtashami Mahmood, Zarin Payam, et al. 2016. Induction of T Cell Development In Vitro by Delta-Like (Dll)-Expressing Stromal Cells. Methods In Molecular Biology1323:159-67

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