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Healthy South Asian participants needed for research study.

Recent Publications From Our Department

Oppermann S, Lam AJ, et al. 2016. Janus and PI3-kinases mediate glucocorticoid resistance in activated chronic leukemia cells. Oncotarget7:72608-72621

Zheng WY, Umitsu M, et al. 2016. An interaction between Scribble and the NADPH oxidase complex controls M1 macrophage polarization and function. Nature Cell Biology18:1244-+

Yeung RSM, Albani S, et al. 2016. Enhancing translational research in paediatric rheumatology through standardization. Nature Reviews Rheumatology12:684-690

Roufaiel M, Gracey E, et al. 2016. CCL19-CCR7 dependent reverse transendothelial migration of myeloid cells clears Chlamydia muridarum from the arterial intima. Nature Immunology17:1263-1272

Tsoi KM, MacParland SA, et al. 2016. Mechanism of hard-nanomaterial clearance by the liver. Nature Materials15:1212-1221

Aguilar OA, Hadj-Moussa H, et al. 2016. Regulation of SMAD transcription factors during freezing in the freeze tolerant wood frog, Rana sylvatica. Comparative Biochemistry And Physiology B-biochemistry & Molecular Biology201:64-71

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Researchers @UofT & @UMassMedical have found a way to use #CRISPR more precisely – by being able to turn it off
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