Recent Publications From Our Department

Dolp R, Rehou S, et al. 2018. Contributors to the length-of-stay trajectory in burn-injured patients. Burns44:2011-2017

Robertson SJ, Goethel A, et al. 2018. Innate Immune Influences on the Gut Microbiome: Lessons from Mouse Models. Trends In Immunology39:992-1004

Shinde R, McGaha TL. 2018. The Aryl Hydrocarbon Receptor: Connecting Immunity to the Microenvironment. Trends In Immunology39:1005-1020

Baglaenko Y, Chang NH, et al. 2018. The presence of anti-nuclear antibodies alone is associated with changes in B cell activation and T follicular helper cells similar to those in systemic autoimmune rheumatic disease. Arthritis Research & Therapy20

Saleiro D, Blyth GT, et al. 2018. IFN-gamma-inducible antiviral responses require ULK1-mediated activation of MLK3 and ERK5. Science Signaling11

Yegorov S, Galiwango RM, et al. 2018. Schistosoma mansoni infection and socio-behavioural predictors of HIV risk: a cross-sectional study in women from Uganda. Bmc Infectious Diseases18

Crome SQ, Ohashi PS. 2018. Immunoregulatory functions of innate lymphoid cells. Journal For Immunotherapy Of Cancer6

Toker A, Nguyen LT, et al. 2018. Regulatory T Cells in Ovarian Cancer Are Characterized by a Highly Activated Phenotype Distinct from that in Melanoma. Clinical Cancer Research24:5685-5696

Balaji GR, Aguilar OA, et al. 2018. Recognition of host Clr-b by the inhibitory NKR-P1B receptor provides a basis for missing-self recognition. Nature Communications9

Malic C, Logsetty S, et al. 2018. The development of a treatment pathway for dermal regenerative matrix (DRM). Burns44:1767-1774

Kala S, Watson B, et al. 2018. Improving the clinical relevance of a mouse pregnancy model of antiretroviral toxicity; a pharmacokinetic dosing-optimization study of current HIV antiretroviral regimens. Antiviral Research159:45-54

Casanova-Acebes M, Nicolas-Avila JA, et al. 2018. Neutrophils instruct homeostatic and pathological states in naive tissues. Journal Of Experimental Medicine215:2778-2795

Last Updated December 9, 2018

Dec 17 Andrew Mazzanti & Carolina Munoz Grajales
Student Seminar - MSB 2173 | 10:00am–11:00am
Dec 17 Dr. Naoto Hirano, MD, PhD
Easton Seminar - MSB 2172 | 11:00am
Jan 7 Dr. Brad Nelson, PhD
Easton Seminar - MSB 2172 | 11:00am–12:00pm
Jan 14 Melissa Kleinau & Kenneth Ting
Student Seminar - MSB 4171 | 10:00am–11:00am
Jan 14 Dr. Michael Carroll, PhD
Easton Seminar - MSB 2172 | 11:00am–12:00pm


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