IMM1075 & IMM2075 - Special Topics in Immunology I/II "ImmTonight"

Course Description

ImmTonight is a mandatory course for all graduate students in the department of Immunology.

The course is delivered via small discussion-based groups, and each student must attend 3 sessions throughout the year (this number includes the session in which they present)

Fundamental Immunology students in the 2nd and 4th year of their studies will present / lead one session during the year. With the permission of their supervisor, the presenting student will show data from their research that has not yet been presented in any other venue other than their own lab meetings. Discussion will then take place about the presented data.

Classes will take place in MSB 2278 at 6pm.

PhD students must also complete the graduate professional development module as part of IMM2075 during their third year.

2018-2019 Class Schedule


IMM1075 Syllabus

IMM2075 Syllabus