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Research Opportunities

Immunology Summer Research Program

Undergraduate students who are interested in the possibility of graduate studies in the Life Sciences are invited to apply for positions in the Summer Student Program in Immunology.

The program is organized to give selected students the opportunity of doing experimental work in various laboratories within the Department of Immunology.

The program runs for approximately three calendar months (May through July), and includes a stipend.

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Successful candidates typically have a B+ average or higher.

The application deadline is 4:00pm on Friday, January 16th, 2015.  Applications are to be submitted as a single PDF document by email to

Application Form

IMM450Y Special Project in Immunology

Course coordinator: Dr. Alberto Martin 

Department of Immunology, University of Toronto

Tel: 416-978-4230

IMM450Y is a full credit course in which the student takes part in an original research project in the laboratory of a faculty member associated with the Immunology Specialist program. The program is designed to provide an opportunity for the student : (1) to discover if he/she has an interest in and a capability for a career in research; (2) to discover in detail, through active participation, the research projects being undertaken in a specific laboratory. Moreover, it allows for faculty appraisal of the potential of the student for graduate research education.

The student is expected to devote a minimum of seven hours per week (normally one full day or two half days) to the course from the week the fall term lectures begin to the last week of the spring term in which lectures are given. This time is to be spent in the laboratory carrying out experiments. Data evaluation, literature reading, report and oral presentation preparation are to be done outside of the laboratory time. The time available should be sufficient for the student to complete a project and to become familiar with a number of techniques used in cellular or molecular biology.

Course Requirement

There are no pre- or co-requisites, although preference is given to Immunology Specialist students.


This course must be balloted. Interested students should contact Anna Frey in the Immunology Office, Medical Sciences Building Room 7205 for a ballot form. You may also download a ballot from this website.

A copy of your University transcript and a paragraph outlining your reasons for taking the course are also required.

Ballots can be submitted in person or by email, and must be received not later than 4:30pm on Friday, June 6, 2014. 

Report and Oral Presentation

Each student will be required to submit a final report to the course co-ordinator containing the purpose, rationale, results, discussion and conclusions of the project. In addition, an oral presentation of about 10 minutes will be given by the student to other students in the course and their supervisors. It will take place the day after the end of the April exam period. The report is due on the Thursday before classes end.


The grade awarded will be based on the talk 10%; report 20%; evaluation by supervisor 70%.

How to Find an Undergraduate Research Opportunity in Life Sciences brochure.