Rupert Kaul MD, PhD
rupert kaul
Contact Info
T: (416) 978-8607
F: (416) 978-8765
St. George Campus
University of Toronto, Medical Sciences Building
1 King's College Circle, Room 6356
Toronto, ON, M5S1A8
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Research Interests
Immunodeficiency, Infectious Diseases

My lab is interested in the mucosal underpinning of HIV susceptibility and progression, with a focus on the mucosal immunology and microbiome of the female genital tract, foreskin and rectum. These translational studies are based in participant cohorts from Canada, Kenya and Uganda  and involve close collaboration and interaction with the HIV community. Specific areas of study include:

  1. The impact of genital infections and the genital microbiome on mucosal and systemic immunology.
  2. The epidemiology of HIV and co-infections in HIV affected communities from Toronto, Canada.
  3. The effects of HIV antiretroviral therapy on HIV levels in the semen and cervix, and the immune correlates of isolated genital HIV shedding.
  4. The effects of antiretroviral therapy and probiotics on gut immunology and clinical outcome in HIV-infected participants.
  5. The impact of humoral and T cell foreskin immunology and microbiota on HIV acquisition in ex vivo (cohort) studies and in vitro tissue models.
  6. Assessing mucosal HIV susceptibility and prevention in a humanized mouse model.

Dr. Kaul is an active member of the CanCURE research consortium (Canadian HIV Cure Enterprise)