IMM1550Y - Major Research Project in Immunology II

Course Desciption

IMM1550Y is one of three courses, along with IMM1450Y and IMM2550Y, which are an essential requirement for successful completion of the Master’s in Applied Immunology graduate program. Completion of IMM1550Y is a prerequisite for IMM2550Y . 

In this course, the student will develop a research proposal that will form the basis of their Major Research Project (MRP). Assisting the student in choosing the MRP will be the host lab’s faculty supervisor and the course coordinator. 

This proposal shall be in a format suitable for presentation in an industrial setting. It will provide an introduction as to the state of the field in which the MRP will take place. Additionally, the proposal will outline why the suggested assay/technique will provide important advances in the field, a description of how the assay/technique will be designed, a timetable with milestones to be met including contingency plans and “go/no-go” decision points (if applicable), a budget, and interpretation of expected outcomes.

Course Syllabus

IMM1550Y Syllabus 20195 (PDF)