2021 - Immunology Summer Student Research Program (ISSRP)

How can I participate in the ISSRP?

  • Undergraduate students are responsible for contacting department faculty members and arranging a placement for the spring/summer.  Once a placement is secured, students are enrolled in the ISSRP, pending eligibility requirements below.
  • Once you have secured a supervisor, please email issrp@utoronto.ca, cc'ing your supervisor on the email.

How long is the ISSRP and are there any deliverables?

  • The summer research program runs from May - July 2021 (12-weeks).
  • At the end of July, and pending our ability to do so, a seminar day will be held where ISSRP participants share their work with their peers and departmental colleagues.

How will the pandemic affect this year's ISSRP?

  • While we are optimistic that we can continue with the ISSRP in the spring/summer of 2021, there continues to be much uncertainty at this time.  It's possible that the program might need to be cancelled or  the timelines need to be adjusted.  Additonally, students should note that pandemic workplace restrictions on lab occupancy may impact the availability of spring/summer 2021 research positions, and that these restrictions can vary from lab to lab and research site to reasearch site.

What are the eligibility requirements?

  • Students must have successfully completed the Winter 2021 term in a full-time undergraduate program, at a Canadian University
  • Students must be 3rd year undergraduate student or earlier (if 4th year student - must be attending a professional undergraduate or a graduate program in the fall)

Is there a stipend?

  • Yes, the stipend for the 12-week period is $4000.

Are there any awards available?

  • Yes, a limited number of University of Toronto Undergraduate Research Opportunity (UROP) scholarships, valued at $2000, are available.  We encourage all students in the ISSRP program to apply.

What is the procedure to apply for the UROP awards?

  • Those who wish to be considered for a scholarship must secure a supervisor and submit a single PDF to issrp@utoronto.ca by March 15, 2021 containing:
    • a copy of their transcript (an unofficial printout/screenshot is fine) 
    • a 375-word (max) paragraph of intent on why you are participating in the ISSRP and what you hope to gain from your time in the lab
    • a very brief statement on the aims of your summer project

For any additional questions, please email issrp@utoronto.ca.