MSc in Fundamental Immunology

** PLEASE NOTE:  We are no longer be accepting applications for the MSc in Fundamental Immunology graduate program.  Students interested in an MSc degree are encouraged to apply for the MSc in Applied Immunology graduate program. **

The purpose of the MSc in the field of Fundamental Immunology is to provide advanced training in an area of specialization, with a particular emphasis on the acquisition of experience in the strategies and experimental methods of modern, original, scientific research. To qualify for the degree, each candidate must complete specified course work, submit a satisfactory thesis based on his/her research, and successfully defend it in a Departmental examination. The MSc thesis should contain research demonstrating that the student has mastered the techniques in a specialized area of research and can design and carry out controlled, informative experiments in this area. The MSc thesis should not be required to contain a finished piece of research but should be a competent report of the student's mastery of certain relevant techniques and their application to a specific problem. Within the thesis and its defence, the student should also demonstrate a command of the subject matter in his/her area of research and in related areas of Immunology.

In our Department, the typical time to complete the MSc degree is between 2-3 years. Students may choose to reclassify directly into the PhD program within 22 months of entering the Department rather than completing their master's degree.

Students doing a thesis-based MSc in Fundamental Immunology will receive a guaranteed stipend.

Course Requirements

The Department requires students to complete:

  • IMM1000Y (Recent Advances in Immunology) - Previously IMM106Y
  • IMM1025H (Student Seminar Series I) - Perviously IMM1019H
  • IMM1050H (Easton Seminar Series I) - Previously IMM1100H
  • IMM1075H (Special Topics in Immunology I) - Previously IMM2021H

This requirement assumes that the student enters the program with a basic knowledge of Immunology equivalent to that of the University of Toronto third-year Immunology undergraduate courses (IMM340H & IMM350H) as well as third-year courses in biochemistry and molecular biology. If this is not the case, then additional remedial work may be required for the M.Sc. as specified by the Graduate Coordinator in consultation with the student and his/her supervisor.

All students are expected to enroll in IMM1025H, IMM1050H, IMM1075H and either IMM1000Y or remedial courses as described above in their first year. Students planning to reclassify from the M.Sc. to the Ph.D. program must complete IMM1016Y.  After successful reclassification, these courses will then be applied to the Ph.D. course requirement.