IMM250H1 - The Immune System and Infectious Disease

Course Description:

Students will be introduced to the basic concepts of immunity to infectious disease and how breakdown of the immune response can lead to autoimmunity. We will trace the history of current ideas in immunology and the immune response by examining how bacteria and viruses cause disease and the initial discoveries that led to such developments as vaccination. Current topical and newsworthy infectious diseases (HIV, Ebola, SARS, avian flu) will be used as examples of how the immune system copes with microbial infections.

IMM250 is a required course for all immunology programs, however it is designed to fulfill breadth requirements and is an appropriate choice for students in other science or humanities programs. Development of writing skills through the composition of a science article for the general public is one objective of this course. 

Course Coordinator:

Dr. Liliana Clemenza (F)

Dr. Jasty Singh (S)



Recommended Preparation:

BIO120H1, BIO130H1


Fall 2020