Recent Publications From Our Department

Edilova MI, Abdul-Sater AA, et al. 2018. TRAF1 Signaling in Human Health and Disease. Frontiers In Immunology9

Mulder DT, Mahe ER, et al. 2018. CapTCR-seq: hybrid capture for T-cell receptor repertoire profiling. Blood Advances2:3506-3514

Sadiq A, Menchetti I, et al. 2018. 5-HT1A Receptor Function Makes Wound Healing a Happier Process. Frontiers In Pharmacology9

Ichim CV, Dervovic DD, et al. 2018. The orphan nuclear receptor EAR-2 (NR2F6) inhibits hematopoietic cell differentiation and induces myeloid dysplasia in vivo. Biomarker Research6

Tsai S, Clemente-Casares X, et al. 2018. Insulin Receptor-Mediated Stimulation Boosts T Cell Immunity during Inflammation and Infection. Cell Metabolism28

Sharma P, Shahabi K, et al. 2018. Cervico-vaginal inflammatory cytokine alterations after intrauterine contraceptive device insertion: A pilot study. Plos One13

Giovannone N, Smith LK, et al. 2018. Galectin-Glycan Interactions as Regulators of B Cell Immunity. Frontiers In Immunology9

Yan JH, Hill WF, et al. 2018. Sepsis criteria versus clinical diagnosis of sepsis in burn patients: A validation of current sepsis scores. Surgery164:1241-1245

Dolp R, Rehou S, et al. 2018. Contributors to the length-of-stay trajectory in burn-injured patients. Burns44:2011-2017

Robertson SJ, Goethel A, et al. 2018. Innate Immune Influences on the Gut Microbiome: Lessons from Mouse Models. Trends In Immunology39:992-1004

Shinde R, McGaha TL. 2018. The Aryl Hydrocarbon Receptor: Connecting Immunity to the Microenvironment. Trends In Immunology39:1005-1020

Last Updated January 10, 2019

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Feb 21 Angela Li
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Feb 25 Dr. Boris Reizis
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Mar 4 Audrey Kassardjian & Tiffany Kong & Julia Lin
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