COVID-19 Infosheets

Graduate students from our department have created info sheets on the current COVID-19 pandemic that help explain some of the immunology-related issues.


Recent Publications From Our Department

Agache I, Akdis C, et al. 2020. EAACI Biologicals Guidelines-Recommendations for severe asthma. Allergy

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Lee HS, Beilhartz GL, et al. 2020. Recognition of Semaphorin Proteins by P. sordellii Lethal Toxin Reveals Principles of Receptor Specificity in Clostridial Toxins. Cell182:345-

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McAvoy M, Doloff JC, et al. 2020. Vascularized Muscle Flap to Reduce Wound Breakdown During Flexible Electrode-Mediated Functional Electrical Stimulation After Peripheral Nerve Injury. Frontiers In Neurology11

Riggioni C, Comberiati P, et al. 2020. A compendium answering 150 questions on COVID-19 and SARS-CoV-2. Allergy

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Sacher AG, St Paul M, et al. 2020. Cytotoxic CD4(+) T Cells in Bladder Cancer-A New License to Kill. Cancer Cell38:28-30

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Klimek L, Pfaar O, et al. 2020. Use of biologicals in allergic and type 2 inflammatory diseases in the current COVID 19 pandemic. Allergologie43:255-271

Mehrotra A, D', et al. 2020. IFN-alpha Suppresses Myeloid Cytokine Production, Impairing IL-12 Production and the Ability to Support T-Cell Proliferation. Journal Of Infectious Diseases222:148-157

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Ling AK, Munro M, et al. 2020. SHLD2 promotes class switch recombination by preventing inactivating deletions within theIghlocus. Embo Reports

Rooney AM, Timberlake K, et al. 2020. Each Additional Day of Antibiotics Is Associated With Lower Gut Anaerobes in Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Patients. Clinical Infectious Diseases70:2553-2560

Larsen JM, Bang-Berthelsen CH, et al. 2020. Production of allergen-specific immunotherapeutic agents for the treatment of food allergy. Critical Reviews In Biotechnology40:881-894

Dai HH, Lan PX, et al. 2020. PIRs mediate innate myeloid cell memory to nonself MHC molecules. Science368:1122-

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Perricos A, Wenzl R, et al. 2020. Does the Use of the "Proseek(R)Multiplex Oncology I Panel" on Peritoneal Fluid Allow a Better Insight in the Pathophysiology of Endometriosis, and in Particular Deep-Infiltrating Endometriosis?. Journal Of Clinical Medicine9

Niespodziana K, Borochova K, et al. 2020. Toward personalization of asthma treatment according to trigger factors. Journal Of Allergy And Clinical Immunology145:1529-1534

Feld J, Ye JY, et al. 2020. Is axial psoriatic arthritis distinct from ankylosing spondylitis with and without concomitant psoriasis?. Rheumatology59:1340-1346

Mohammadi A, Bagherichimeh S, et al. 2020. The impact of cervical cytobrush sampling on cervico-vaginal immune parameters and microbiota relevant to HIV susceptibility. Scientific Reports10

Zhou Q, Chen V, et al. 2020. Interferon-alpha 2b Treatment for COVID-19. Frontiers In Immunology11

Last Updated August 28, 2020

Sep 28 Saad Khan & Melissa Kleinau
Student Seminar | 10:00am–11:00am
Sep 28 Ananda Goldrath, PhD
Easton Seminar | 11:00am–12:00pm
Oct 5 Adrian Kuipery & Leslie Leung
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Oct 5 Jeffrey Rathmell, PhD
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