COVID-19 Information


Basic Research Manuscripts from our Faculty

* Members of the Department of Immunology


Informational Material Prepared by our Faculty

Dr. Tania Watts:

Dr. Jenny Jongsta-Bilen


Informational Material Prepared by our Graduate Students

COVID-19 Symptoms

(prepared by: Christina Ditlof, Annie Pu, and Angela Wang)



Influenza : The Seasonal Pandemic

(prepaed by: Leslie Leung, Meggie Kuypers, Salma Sheikh-Mohamed, Siu Ling Tai)



COVID-19 Disease Pathogenesis

(prepared by: Leslie Leung, Nayanan Nathan, Rashi Gupta, Angela Wang)



Vaccine Development

(prepared by: Christina M. Ditlof, Meggie Kuypers, Kitty Liu, Robyn Loves, Nate Winsor)



COVID-19, Anti-Virals & Current Therapies

(prepared by: Sofia Bekarovska, Annie Pu, Salma Sheikh-Mohamed, Michelle Zuo)