Specialist Program in Immunology

Sidney Smith Hall

(13.5 full courses or their equivalents)

The Immunology Specialist Program is a Type 3 program. Only students with an average of 70% or higher in all of the required first-year courses and a minimum of 65% in each of these courses will be considered for entrance into the specialist program. Enrolment is limited and selection is based on performance in the following first-year required courses: BIO120, BIO130, CHM135 (formerly CHM139), CHM136 (formerly CHM138), MAT135 or their equivalents. Students apply via the Faculty’s Subject Program website.

First Year: 

  • BIO120H
  • BIO130H
  • CHM135H (formerly CHM139H)
  • CHM136H (formerly CHM138H)
  • (MAT135H; MAT136H) / MAT 137Y
  • (PHY131H¹, PHY132H¹) / (PHY151H¹; PHY152H¹)

Second Year:

  • BCH242Y
  • BIO230H
  • BIO260H / HMB265H
  • CHM220H
  • IMM250H
  • One course from the following list:
    • BIO220H / STA220H/ TRN225Y/ TRN236H/ CHM247H/ CHM249H

Third Year: 

  • BCH377H
  • IMM341H
  • IMM351H
  • MGY311Y
  • MGY377H
  • MGY378H

Fourth Year:

  1. IMM435H²
  2. Two courses from the following list: IMM428H / IMM429H / IMM430H / MIJ485H
  3. IMM450Y or one full course equivalent at the 400-series in ANA, BCH, IMM, LMP, MGY, CSB.

¹ These courses may be taken in the first year or subsequent years and are not required for entrance into the specialist program. 
² This course is capped at 40 students. Priority will be given to Immunology Specialist students, followed by Immunology Major students.




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